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3 Year Olds

The 3 year old program identifies and builds on children’s strengths, interests and abilities. Our belief is that children learn by doing and being actively involved in working with materials, people and ideas.

3 year old Program

  • Hands-on art and science activities designed to boost problem solving and thinking skills
  • Daily small- and large-group activities
  • Age-appropriate activities and materials that develop confidence & independence
  • Weekly themes that encourage curiosity, confidence and a love for learning
  • Bilingual instruction (English and French)
  • Tae Kwon Doe is introduced weekly for this age group
  • Portfolios that document growth and development through your child's work


  • Language Development: The classroom is a language-rich environment that encourages children’s development of early literacy skills through daily storytime etc. Practicing writing letters and numbers begin in this age group.
  • Cognitive Development: Thinking skills are encouraged through activities that teach about sequence of events, patterns, routines and conclusions.
  • Friendships/Social Development: Cooperative play is continued to be supported. We use “please” and “thank you” and participate in daily classroom conversations.
  • Self-care skills: learning how our bodies need exercise, sufficient rest and nutritious food.
  • Gross Motor development is encouraged through tae kwon doe, yoga and outdoor games.
  • Fine Motor development is improved through lacing activities and writing activities.
  • Creativity is encouraged through self expression: painting, singing, telling stories etc.